The history of the East Norwalk Library

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Our History

In 1910, a local group of women established the East Norwalk Improvement Association Inc.. The goal of the association was to spruce up the community and support neighborhood driven projects. The association was registered on May 19,1914 as a not-for profit company located at 1 Heron Court, Norwalk 06855. The Association has been operating for over 107 years. In 1915 the Association founded the East Norwalk Improvement Association Library. The story goes that a Library was established in response to the request of a young girl who asked that the community have a free library. In 1917 the Library name was shortened to the East Norwalk Association Library. In 2013 the East Norwalk Improvement Association was rebranded the East Norwalk Association.

Our mission

The mission of the EAST NORWALK ASSOCIATION LIBRARY is to provide the people of East Norwalk with access to information and materials, which will aid them in their pursuit of education, information, recreation, and the creative use of leisure time.
-Adopted by Library Board of Trustees – July 2017

How we operate

The East Norwalk Association Library is a small neighborhood library which is partially funded by the Third Taxing District no funding from the state. The Library is open to the public provides traditional library services. In addition, the Library rents the Van Zilen Community Hall for community events, groups, and private events. The Library Board meets monthly, the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the East Norwalk Association Library.

Administration & Staff

Our Staff members 

Sylvia Archibald


Kimberly Davis

Circulation Services

New Employee

Circulation Services

New Employee

Circulation services

Board of Directors

Present Board members include. 

Minnie Davis


Roberta Bauchner


Janet McRae Knight


Beth Sieglbaum


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