(The following is abridged from an undated typewritten document written by Mrs. Lyman M Waite, Secretary) -- FOR THE ASSOCIATION'S


The East Norwalk Improvement Association was organized September 30, 1910 at the Mayflower Fire House  with
30 ladies attending the meeting -- a Nominating Committee was appointed to secure a slate of officers, with the
following being elected: Mrs. E.E. Gorham, president; Mrs. J. Wallace Marvin, vice president; Mrs. Charles
Dunnebache, secretary; Mrs. G..E. Thompson, treasurer.

The first community project undertaken was the erection of street signs in East Norwalk. Later granite posts and iron
gates were erected at the entrance of the East Norwalk Cemetery.

In 1913 a system of garbage collection was inaugurated and garbage cans were supplied to poor families in the area.
With the help of the East Norwalk Fire District, the triangle opposite the East Norwalk Cemetery was curbed and

From the early days the East Norwalk Improvement Association has given assistance to the needy -- both to children
in the schools and to the homes directly through a Relief Committee. One of the largest undertakings in this respect,
was the relief for several families who lost all their belongings in a disastrous fire. All sufferers were clothed and
cared for, through the untiring efforts of the Association members and the generosity of the citizenry contacted by
the Relief Committee.

In the Fall of 1913 the building of a Community Hall was voted to be the main project of the coming year. A
Building Site Committee was appointed. In April, 1914, the lot on Van Zant Street (Number 51) was selected and
purchased for $900. Incorporation papers were signed May 5th, 1914.The Building Committee was formed. After
much consideration and discussion, it was voted in October 1916 to build a hall of brick large enough for social
gatherings, card parties, etc. with separate rooms to house the Library. Bids for such a building were solicited and the
contract finally awarded on May 6, 1917 and the building was finished and formally presented to the President of the
Association in the presence of members, on November 6, 1917, and the mortgage was paid off several years later.

During the First World War members were active sewing for the Red Cross. During the Depression following the
war, members canned vegetables and fruits for needy families.


Perhaps the greatest service to the community, has been the maintenance of the free library for East Norwalk

This was opened in January, 1915 in a front room of Rundle's Bakery on Van Zant Street -- the building now
occupied by the Crofut & Knapp Hat Corporation at the corner of Osborne Avenue. The Library was open two
afternoons weekly with volunteer workers from 3:00 to 6:30pm.

In May, 1916, through a Library Contest, 300 books were secured. Larger quarters were sought without success and
Mr. Rundle gave a little more space for a rental of $75.009 a year.

In October 1917 the Library was moved into the Community Hall. But was not reopened until March, 1918, because
of lack of finances for purchase of furnishing for the Library rooms. Within a few year it was possible to pay a
librarian for services which had hitherto been given without compensation.

The Library has served the Third District continuously throughout the entire time and since, with an ever increasing
circulation of books. Book collections were loaned to elementary schools and to the High School until the schools
established their own libraries.

The Third Taxing District gives an annual appropriation to support the East Norwalk Library.


1900 - The East Norwalk Improvement Association is an organization that traces its history  back 100 years. On September 30,1910 30 ladies of East Norwalk met  at the Mayflower Fire House on Van Zant St and formed a community organization dedicated to changing a few things in their neighborhood they thought could stand it and adding a few things the people needed. Through their efforts such improvements were brought about such as the erection of street signs granite posts and iron gates at the entrance of The East Norwalk Historical cemetery and even a driveway around the cemetery itself. They gave assistance  to the needy both to children in the schools and to homes directly. 

1915 - In 1912 a young lady sent them a letter to consider the idea of a library for East Norwalk. So in 1915 in the front window of  Rundles Bakery located at the corner of Van Zant St & Osborne Ave the ladies opened the first library collection of 100 books. on Nov 6th 1917 the building at 51 Van Zant Street was finished.
1951 -  The board voted unanimously to present the building to The Third Taxing District. The commissioners  accepted the building and promised to remodel the building to house a full library with the Association given the task of running the library. From that time until present the Association has had a dedicated board of directors who volunteer their time not only to the operation of the library but on community projects that concerned East Norwalk residents.
2013 -  The East Norwalk Improvement Association has filed and received a Trade Name Certificate enabling the use of East Norwalk Association (ENA) as its name. When first organized  to “improve the look of its East Norwalk neighborhood.”  Since then ENA has taken on the role of providing forums and discussions for community information and involvement, emphasis on the East Norwalk Library (now the East Norwalk Association Library) services and programming, and enabling the use of its Van Zilen Community Hall for events and meetings for area not-for-profit organizations, monthly group rentals, and other private events.  The new name, -- the East Norwalk Association, reflects our continuing commitment to our community as a unifying organization dedicated to the needs of East Norwalk residents, businesses and organizations.” 

-- and beyond:
The present Board of Directors of the East Norwalk Association are dedicated to continuing the organization’s concern and service to its valued community. In addition to helping provide support for the management and support of the East Norwalk Association Library, ENA seeks to continually develop opportunities of interest and usefulness to the residents, businesses, destinations and other amenities of East Norwalk. Not the least of these effort is a renewed commitment in providing Library programs and public forums of educational and informative topics that may or can affect the community. With eyes and ears tuned to the needs of the people of East Norwalk, ENA will strive to help lead the community as the District, the City, the State, and the Nation moves into the next decade.