The East Norwalk Improvement Association was founded in 1910 and rebranded as the
East Norwalk Association in 2013. The Association has been active in East Norwalk continuously for more than 100 years and founded its East Norwalk Association Library in 1915.

ENA membership is open to all residents of East Norwalk. The ENA Board meets monthly, the third Tuesday of Each month at theEast Norwalk Association Library.

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Among various community activities, the ENA maintains the East Norwalk Association Library (ENAL) whose operating expenses are funded primarily through the Electors of the Third Taxing District of the City of Norwalk.


Sarah Mann - President
Sarah Amato-Mills - Vice President
Nicholas Clarke - Secretary
Katherine Cray - Treasurer

Jim Anderson
(Immediate Past President)
Marlene DeBellis


In 1910, a group of women thought their community, East Norwalk, needed sprucing up and some loving care. With that goal in mind they formed the
East Norwalk
mprovement Association.

That same organization, now called the
East Norwalk
carries on, still mindful of the community it serves.

ENA, today, has as its major responsibilty, the East Norwalk Association Library which it founded in 1915 -- this, in response to the request of a young invalid girl who asked that the community have a free library.

ENA also provides other community bnefits such as informational
forums and meetings as well as rental and use of its Van Zilen Community Hall for  organizations, groups, and private events.